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Summoners War Terms and Abbreviation List

Understanding the basic terms and abbreviations players use in Summoners War can be confusing if you are new to the game. For example, what’s a GWD compared to a GWO? A TOAN compared to a TOAH? Below are a few terms, acronyms, and definitions you may encounter in Summoners War.

Summoners War Common Terms and Abbreviations

A: Advance
A2: Alternative Advance
AD: Arena Defense
AO: Arena Offense
AOE: Area of Effect
AR: Arena
ATB: Attack Bar
ATK: Attack
CC: Crowd Control
CD: Critical Damage
CR: Critical Hit Rate
DD: Damage Dealer
DG: Dungeon
DEF: Defense
DOT: Damage Over Time
Dungeon: Cairos Dungeons
DB10: Dragon’s Lair, Basement 10
Elemental Dungeons: Hall of [Element]
GB10: Giant’s Keep, Basement 10
GW: Guild War
GWD: Guild War Defense
GWO: Guild War Offense
GZ: Congratulations
HOH: Hall of Heroes
M Scroll: Mystical Scroll
NB10: Necropolis, Basement 10
PVP: Player Verses Player
PVE: Player Verses Environment
R1-5: Raid levels 1-5
RNG: Random Number Generator
S1-3: Skill 1,2 and 3
S: Simple
SA: Simple and Advance
SD: Secret Dungeon
TOA: Trial of Ascension
TOAN: Trial of Ascension Normal Mode
TOAH: Trial of Ascension Hard Mode
U Scroll: Uncommon Scroll

Cleave: A team of mons that can kill the entire enemy team in one turn.
Debuff: Any negative status indicator.
Farmable: A mon which you can acquire.
Farmer: Any mon who can clear a scenario alone.
Fodder: A mon used for sacrifice to evolve or level up.
Nuke: Hard, quick offensive strategy and/or high attack monsters.

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