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Summoners War Links, Requirements and FAQs

Summoners War is a free-to-play RPG game set in a fantasy land where wars have been replaced by civilized battles in arenas. Defeating other summoners in combat allows players to acquire crystals, materials, and more powerful monsters.

Players can also build and expand a magical headquarters, play alone or online against strangers, or join guilds with friends. An in-game chat system (unlocked at level 11) allows players to converse freely with other summoners. Upgrades and miscellaneous items can be purchased with real money or digital currency from the in-game store.

Minimum system requirements:

Download links:

Summoners War FAQs:

Evan Urquhart expressed the appeal of Summoners War quite well in this excerpt from his article on Slate:

“Perhaps part of the appeal, though I don’t exactly mean appeal, per se, I think I really mean potential for compulsion-forming, is that there’s a built-in measure of automation in the game, allowing one to play it all the time. You can grind scenarios and level-up evolution fodder at work. You can farm for high-level runes or awakening materials while doing the dishes (sort of—be sure to have a dry towel at hand for wiping off your touch screen finger). You can even write an article for Slate while farming the Hall of Light for a rare inugami secret dungeon. In fact, you can do just about everything you normally do in a distracted, mediocre, half-aware way, all while obsessively replaying whichever level it is that you’re currently grinding.”

Ready to get started? Check out this list of terms, acronyms and abbreviations players use in Summoners War.