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How to Use Amazon Coins in Summoners War

As players progress in Summoners War, the cost of moving to the next level can be high. One type of digital currency that allows you to buy packs and other in-game items at discounted prices is Amazon Coins. The more coins you buy, the larger the discount. The coins come in denominations from 300 to 50,000 and can be spent just like cash on games, apps, and in-app items. Also, you can earn bonus currency when you buy certain apps and in-app items.

How to Use Amazon Coins in Summoners War:

1. Download and install the Amazon Appstore. Coins can be redeemed on all Android devices, Fire Tablets, and through the app store on their website.

*NOTE: You must install Summoners War from the Amazon App, not the Google Play Store, to buy and use the digital currency. Also, make sure are logged into your Amazon account on the same device where you want to buy the coins.

2. If you already have Summoners War installed, save your progress by signing into your account in the game, then uninstall the game. Download and install Summoners War from the Amazon Appstore. Once the game is installed, sign back into your Summoners War account to restore your progress.

3. Buy coins from the app store. Remember, the more you buy, the greater the discount. Buying coins from Amazon is tax free, but some third-party apps and in-game purchases may be taxed. Read the fine print!

4. Login to your Summoner’s War Account through the Amazon app, go to in-app purchases, and click “buy” to purchase Summoner War Packs and other items with your coins. When buying an in-app item, you’ll spend the coins by default if you have enough. If you don’t have enough, you can purchase more at a discounted price.

Bonus: How to Earn Free Amazon Coins

1. Purchase an eligible game, app or in-app item to take advantage of current promotions.
2. Get 500 bonus coins the first time you stream a movie on your phone from the Amazon App.
3. Use Bing Rewards to purchase Amazon gift cards to receive additional discounts.

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