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How to Enter Promo Codes in Summoners War

Summoners War promo/coupon codes come from various sources like social media sites, events, forums, etc. and typically expire within a few days or weeks. Check the game forum, notice board and Facebook page for available promotions.

*Note: Coupon codes can only be used on Android devices due to recent changes to Apple’s policy. It is not possible to use coupons or promo codes on iOS devices.

How to Enter Promo Codes in Summoners War

1. Start Summoners War and tap on the event icon in the top right corner.
2. Click on the promo code banner at the bottom.
3. Insert the promo code.
4. Check your inbox within the game.
5. If you do not see the item in your inbox, re-start the game.

A few errors you may get when trying to enter promo codes:

  1. The promo code you entered does not exist.
    Make sure you are entering the proper letters and numbers.
  2. Member information failed to send.
    Promo codes cannot be retrieved with guest accounts. You must log in or create a Hive account, then try to use the promo code again. To create a Hive account, enter the game then go to “Settings” then “Transfer Account” then click on “Log in and collect 30 crystals.”
  3. The promo code you entered is for another game.
    Only use codes for Summoners War. This error will pop-up if you try to use a code for a different game.
  4. There was an error and the code could not be used.
    This error pops up when there is a network/connection issue. Reboot the game and try again.

If you continue to have issues when entering codes, send the following details to Com2uS customer support:

1. HIVE ID/Nickname
2. Server
3. Promo Code

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